Video Marketing

Helping your brand shine through content

With +4 years of experience in the content creation field. I have applied my expertise in projects ranging from entrepreneurial endeavors and clientwork, to large multinational tech companies.

  Content Strategy
  Custom Assets

  •   Editing and assembling raw video footage
  •   Branded templating for social media
  •   Footage enhancement (lighting & audio)
  •   A-Roll (interviews & storyline)
  •   B-Roll (additional footage)
  •   Assembling visual narrative based on script


Interviews, messages/briefings, and announcements in a formal context.


Creating stories and visual narratives that showcase your product in action.


Instructional videos, tutorials, documentation clips, and how-to videos.


Content strategy


  Narrative: Defining a storyline that resonates with your target audience by researching and tailoring a personalized message.

  Strategy: Identifying the best sequence to get your message across by setting the stages of the project. The focus is on strengthening awareness, conversion rate, and product adoption.

  Implementation: Launch your campaign.

Social Media Assets

Custom content for your brand


  Video templates: Branded video templates that can be used for Ads, Stories, and posts.

  Branded content: Posts,banners, and IG carousels.