For this project, the objective was to create a platform for a Mexican shuttle services company based in Cancun.

This company worked with global customers, mainly from France, Germany, and the United States.


The client was looking for a way to decrease the cost of acquisition per customer. Initially, they would leverage from third party agencies to get in contact with tourists that needed transport.

Approach: In order to solve the client's problem, the course of action was to build a platform that allowed them to manage the whole process; from client acquisition to service delivery.

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2 Steps to book

We are helping the client get the process done as quickly and simple as possible. The first thing they encounter once visiting the website is the booking form, where they can select their trip from the options we got available to them.

Once completed they can access the checkout page, where they fill up the specific details of their trip and pay the reservation.

Process and features

The user selects their trip and proceeds to pay through the Stripe payment gateway.

The moment the transaction is recorded, a new client is registered in the database; this client contains all the data involved in the transaction.

An automated email notification will establish the first contact with the client and confirm their trip, allowing them to have an official reference of their purchase.

The moment the transaction is completed a new Google calendar event with the date and time of the event is created; this allows both the service provider and the customer to have the exact date and time prerecorded in their Google Calendar application.

In order for the website to suit the demands of a global market, the contents where set dynamically so changes between 4 different languages could take place

Project highlights

Booking form
Viajes populares
Destinos turisticos

The process

From: Negotiating with agencies and getting conversions through their reference.

To: Making a straightforward two-step process (Booking selection and payment) on the main website.


Besides the internal records and client mailing the auto-generated Gcal events made the process way easier for customers as well as the client.